Thoughts from Patients

I don't think we could have found a more dedicated team than the "MedRehab Team." Our problems are complex and delicate, but here we have found professionals in the field who, above all, are compassionate and understanding. Together, we have found solutions to continue physical therapy at home when we are unable to travel, received support in choosing and recommendations for specific personal devices we purchased. Thanks to these wonderful people (and many others), we have progressed slowly but steadily. We started as a bedridden and completely dependent patient, and with small and sure steps, we have gone through the following stages: learning to turn, to sit up, to transfer to a wheelchair, to sit in a wheelchair, to stand up, to lean on a frame, to take our first steps, to use a cane. We know we still have a long way to go to be completely independent, but we never lose hope! We are certain that we will move forward, and the MedRehab Team will be by our side. Thank you, MedRehab Team, with your help, we are reinventing ourselves!
Codruta Toth
I started working with the MRT team a month ago, and I am satisfied with their services. Six years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury that left me with some limitations in both lower limbs. After just a few sessions of manual therapy and other procedures, I noticed improvements in the posture of my legs. I gained a few degrees of ankle mobility, and the sensation in my legs returned. I highly recommend them. Not only do they have extensive knowledge in the field of recovery, but they are also a super cool team, always wearing a smile on their faces (well, 99.9% of the time; they have their occasional slip-ups when you don't perform an exercise correctly).
Marius Madaras
Intensive desk work was causing back pain, which is why I sought the services of a physical therapist. Currently, I no longer have pain, but I continue to maintain the well-being achieved through personalized one-on-one sessions. Each session includes diversified exercises, targeting the recovery from over 10 years of desk work as well as preventing any recurrence. In this clinic, I feel safe with professionals who take care of my back health without putting any unnecessary pressure on the patient.
Dumitrita Munteanu
I sought the services of this clinic due to postural issues. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised by the thorough consultation I received, based on which a treatment plan was established for me. I will continue working with them because they have instilled in me a sense of responsibility towards the patient and professionalism.
Cristina Doroftei
MRT is an outstanding team of recovery and physiotherapy specialists. The clinic is very well-equipped, and the time spent there is maximized for maximum efficiency.
Doru Pop
A professional and friendly team, a new and clean facility—I highly recommend them.
Gelu Simu
Thank you to the team for their dedication, professionalism, and patience in treating patients with motor issues.
Aurora Huza
Professional team, I recommend to everyone in need.
Stefan Takacs
A pleasant and interesting experience.
Stefan Rus
I recommend MRT-Med Rehab Team, a team of young professionals who are friendly and patient with their clients!
Alexandru Ciupe
Thank you, wonderful people! Thank you for helping me walk again and teaching me how to walk correctly. For the past 7 weeks, I have been doing physiotherapy with the most professional and dedicated team. Each one of you has contributed to what I have achieved so far. During these weeks, I have been able to go down the stairs without needing support, I have been able to run, I can walk like a normal person, and my pains have diminished significantly (some days I don't feel any pain at all). I can relax my legs now (I had muscle contractions that didn't allow me to relax my legs). Besides the evident neuropathy in my legs, which was the main reason I came, I have also worked and continue to work on my body posture, developing the muscles involved in walking and supporting the spine. I believe there is more to come in terms of the exercises I do (they know better). I haven't taken any pain medication; it has all been through daily exercises. I still go to do my daily exercises, and I can't wait for the new week to start. These people have made me believe in myself that I can walk and drive again (I even managed to drive a bit after a month of physiotherapy), and yes, I have partially succeeded because there is still a lot of work to be done. For me, it's incredible how much progress I have made, and it's all thanks to you, MRT.
Paula Rîsteiu
Following a skiing accident in which I fractured my spine, I became dependent on a wheelchair and medical recovery. As a result of this event, I ended up in the hands of the MRT team. Since then, I can say that the MedRehabTeam takes care of me. They are attentive to ensure that the exercises are as effective as possible while avoiding any harm. I have even learned from them how to breathe correctly and not exert abdominal pressure during exercises. The exercise plan is tailored based on how I feel on that particular day, making it more efficient. I can say that after each physiotherapy session, I feel more mobile. With their help, I have managed to progress from being bedridden to achieving milestones such as being able to turn in bed, transfer to a wheelchair, and even regain the ability to drive and return to work. Professionalism! Attention to detail makes the difference! Thank you for being by my side from the beginning and constantly helping me!
Csiki Botond Szilard
Exceptional! I was delighted to see how well-equipped the clinic is, with wheelchair-accessible facilities, well-equipped rooms, and a range of equipment and devices that support the entire recovery process. TRX, fitness weights in various forms, just to name a few examples. But what pleases me the most is having a skilled and dedicated physical therapist who, in just a few sessions, through a series of progressive exercises, has made me realize that there is potential for improvement. Together, we have witnessed progress after progress. There are still many exercises in various variations and new challenges to explore. The combination of progress, the therapists' expertise, and the equipment available there makes me eager to keep going to them! I am in a wheelchair with spastic paraparesis, and I am discovering new strengths, gradually awakening the muscles in my legs. 🙂 Don't give up on believing! It takes time and patience, but keep pushing forward! Thank you for everything!
Mihai Farcas
I highly recommend them! A team of passionate and dedicated young professionals. I sought their services for lower back and neck pain, as well as the lingering effects of an old paresthesia in my leg. I noticed significant improvements even after the first 4-5 sessions.
Marius Cipcigan
Due to a neurological condition, I have been undergoing medical recovery with the physiotherapists from the MedRehabTeam for 4-5 years, and I can say that they are like a second family to me. I always look forward to going to them, and it is truly a pleasure to have them around. They are true experts in the field of medical recovery, and I highly recommend their services!
Andreea Copindean
For over 4 years now, I have been undergoing medical recovery with the MedRehabTeam, and they are an extraordinary team that provides services of the highest quality. I highly recommend their personalized recovery services! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!
Razvan Timis
The clinic has a private parking lot with ample space, they are punctual to the minute, have modern equipment, and the staff I interacted with were professional and efficient. I had 12 sessions with them, and I highly recommend them!
Sergiu Pop
I had an extremely comfortable experience that yielded results from the very first sessions. I highly recommend it with enthusiasm!
Mara Popescu
Attention. Professionalism. Effectiveness.
Melinda Farkas
I highly recommend them! A team of professional and passionate therapists dedicated to your specific needs. Results started to show even after the first sessions.
Maria Sima
A highly professional team with serious, punctual, and extremely skilled individuals! They instilled confidence in me from the very first contact. I highly recommend them with great enthusiasm!
Cora Mazurec
After a skiing accident, I suffered a pelvic injury and multiple muscle contusions in my lower limbs. Walking was almost impossible for me. After just one session of physiotherapy, the pain subsided, and my walking almost normalized. In 12 sessions, the recovery was more than complete. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the assistance provided and for your professionalism. You are doing an extraordinary job! I highly recommend you with confidence.
Adina Apostu