Paula Cenan


Physiotherapist, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” in Cluj-Napoca, at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Specializing in neurological/orthopedic-traumatic rehabilitation for adults.


  • Master’s level in “Techniques and Methods of Rehabilitation for Patients with Rheumatological Diseases”.


  • Fascial/myofascial manipulation FASCIQ (IASTM, Cupping, Flossing, Foam Roller);
  • Medical massage;
  • Trigger Point Therapy.


Dedicated treatment

Individualized treatment

Pathologies differ in terms of symptoms and motor deficits.


Access inside the clinic is available for wheelchair users, and there is an adapted bathroom.


Individual sessions dedicated to the patient's needs.

Med Rehab Team Services

Musculoskeletal Examination

The evaluation of the musculoskeletal system involves both a discussion with the physiotherapist about your medical history and the performance of specific measurements and tests related to your condition.

Medical Consultations

We offer services in two medical specialties: orthopedics-traumatology and neurology.