Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

In short, cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the device used by the website user. Cookies help website administrators manage and improve the quality of content offered on the website.

What are device recognition mechanisms?

These are mechanisms that allow the identification of the type of device used by a user to connect to a website. These mechanisms also enable the identification of the operating system used by a particular device, the corresponding time zone of the connection, screen size and resolution, etc. These mechanisms are intended to adjust the appearance, size, and other parameters of the service to a specific device. This information is not used for identifying individuals.

What other information does Med Rehab Team use?

Med Rehab Team uses information from log files (such as IP address) resulting from general principles that apply to Internet connections. The information is used for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. Additionally, IP addresses are used to collect general statistical and demographic data.

Why does Med Rehab Team use cookies?

Med Rehab Team uses cookies to optimize the website and adjust the content on the website to the preferences of a specific user. This use is particularly applicable to cookies that allow us to “read” how our service is used.

Cookies, including those placed by third parties, are also used for statistical and analytical purposes. The files allow Med Rehab Team to determine the average duration of a visit to the website and the total number of visits related to the services administered. These files are completely anonymous and do not allow Med Rehab Team to identify specific users of our services.

Furthermore, Med Rehab Team uses cookies for remarketing purposes. With the help of these cookies, we can display advertising messages related to our service on other services and websites. These cookies include both our own cookies and cookies placed by third parties.

Med Rehab Team uses cookies to allow third parties to display advertising messages within the service, including so-called targeted advertising messages.

Does Med Rehab Team provide its cookies to other companies?

Med Rehab Team does not provide its cookies to other companies, except to third parties that collect data automatically.

How can I manage cookies?

Managing cookies is possible by changing the settings of your browser. Most commonly, cookie management can be done from the “Settings” menu.

The menu will indicate how you can delete, block the registration of certain cookies, or set notifications for the registration of new cookies.

Here are some links that may be useful if you want to customize cookie settings for your browser:

For additional information, consult the browser’s Help menu.

Can I use Med Rehab Team services if cookies are completely disabled?

Disabling cookies in your browser will not prevent you from using our services, but it may create inconvenience.

Security and confidentiality

Cookies are text files and cannot be executed or run, and they cannot self-duplicate, so they cannot be used as viruses. Cookies are used by the majority of websites, and sites such as Google, Yahoo, or YouTube cannot be accessed if cookies are disabled.

Cookies are active everywhere and almost impossible to avoid for users who want to access the largest and most important websites on the Internet. Understanding how they work and the usefulness or benefits they offer can ensure a pleasant and secure browsing experience on the Internet.

Last updated: 13.06.2023